Q: Why not just go to a Hygiene Clinic?

A: The team approach is best! Yes these independent Hygienists can clean and polish your teeth the same as at a Dental office. However, without the benefit of x-rays, cavities between the teeth or bone loss is much more difficult to detect, and can be missed. Hygienists are highly skilled and trained in their discipline, Dentists are also highly skilled and trained in their disciplines. Together, your complete oral health is covered.

Q: I only get my teeth fixed when they hurt. Why should I go for cleanings?

A: There is strong evidence that the health of your gums, has a direct link to your cardiovascular health, and also control of other diseases like diabetes.

Q: What's the benefit of an implant over a Partial Denture Implant?

A: Implants behave like our own teeth. They're permanent, allow you to clean better and also like your own teeth, maintain bone! Long time wearers of dentures, lose bone.

Q: Do implants hurt?

A: Actually, more traditional treatments, like root canals, and extractions generally have more post op pain. Placing implants create very little trauma, and many patients report minimal or no pain the next day.

Q: Are implants expensive?

A: Compared to removable dentures and fixed bridges, they are more expensive. However in the long term, they are very cost effective, as they only require cleanings like your own teeth and rarely fail in the lifetime of the patient.

Q: Is tooth whitening damaging to my teeth?

A: Under the proper monitoring of the dentist NO. The whitening system we use will not weaken your teeth, or create any permanent sensitivity. Sometimes near the end of treatment, there will be some temporary sensitivity, that goes away quickly.

Q: Do you accept new patients?

A: Absolutely, we are proud to be able to provide high quality dentistry to our patients. We are a family based dental office, with the philosophy of... "Healthy smiles for all ages".  Our patients ages, range from the toddler to the senior citizen. We strive to maintain a "small practise environment", where our patients are our friends and the staff greet you promptly and politely.

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